About HMR Referrals

  • HMR Referrals provides Accredited Pharmacists with a platform to readily communicate with GPs

    Accredited Pharmacists in Australia are currently the ‘poor cousins’ when it comes to being provided with efficient, and connected clinical systems. GPs have been finding it hard to provide referrals for HMRs to be fulfilled by Accredited Pharmacists, and similarly, Accredited Pharmacists have not been able to provide reports in the format that GPs expect to see them. HMR Referrals fills that void.

  • HMR Referrals provides an integrated, repeatable process for the quality of HMR Referrals and HMR reports

    The provision of an integrated environment for Accredited Pharmacists results in a process of continuous improvement for high quality HMR reports. HMR Referrals adds a number of improvement steps in the HMR Referrals and report cycles that assist Accredited Pharmacists to provide the best quality and most relevant patient reports for GPs. HMR Referrals provides the most efficient environment for Accredited Pharmacists to provide their expertise.

  • Interconnecting primary care systems

    It’s widely recognised that an interconnected primary care system provides optimal benefits for the patient.HMR Referrals brings together providers in the primary care system in the way that Australian best practice and Government standards intended. With all of the coordination being traceable and paperless, providers always stay completely up to date in patient care.

  • Strong clinical governance to oversee the operation and to evolve the service

    HMR Referrals has a Clinical Advisory Board comprised of industry experts across the whole healthcare ecosystem. The Clinical board oversees the implementation of HMR Referrals and reports to the best Australian clinical standards. The advisory board provides oversight and guidance in HMR best practices to improve clinical care for patients.

  • Educating consumers about HMRs

    HMR Referrals provides a consumer education portal, in plain english, to help consumers understand the benefits of Home Medicine Reviews. The education of patients, carers and family members provides context to any care provided to a patient through the HMR Referral process, to enable them to receive the greatest benefit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist Australian patients with equitable access to Home Medications Reviews as a part of their regular health management regime.

Our commitment is to support patients suffering chronic disease to have a qualified Accredited Pharmacist to review their prescriptions, medications and vitamins in the comfort of their own homes.

Home Medicine Reviews are clearly linked to the prevention of avoidable hospital admissions, which are estimated to cost the Australian taxpayer up to $2 billion each year. Our team recognised this problem and built an innovative platform for Australian primary health care providers.

Our vision is to apply emerging technologies to solve health care problems. HMR Referrals is the first system of its kind and provides a secure platform for collaboration between GPs and Accredited Pharmacists in the provision of Home Medicine Reviews.

Our services are supplemented and monitored by recognised industry experts who ensure that the quality of the HMR process is at the highest Australian standard. In addition, we have implemented regular clinical governance reviews as part of the process of continuous improvement.